Professional Piano Technician

Guy Russo has been a professional piano technician since 2009. Guy studied piano technology under Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's piano technician, Peter Stumpf. He also has a degree in music composition from Carnegie Mellon University, and plays and sings around Pittsburgh.  Being an experienced professional musician himself, Guy not only has the technical skills required of a piano technician, but also an ear and feel for musical esthetics.  

Guy is currently writing and performing with Broken Fences.

Tuning with a musician's touch

Too often are skillfully crafted pianos left to deteriorate in both monetary and musical value. Maintaining one's piano is crucial to prevent a musical instrument turning into a mere piece of decorative furnature. Trained under Registered Piano Technician with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Peter Stumpf, Guy Russo tunes, voices, repairs, and regulates pianos of all varieties. Call or email today to schedule a service visit.



A standard visit lasts between 1 and 2 hours, includes a tuning as well as voicing and on-site repairs, as needed. The service rate for a standard visit is $130, including sales tax. Depending on the condition of the piano and the desires of the customer, extended visits and return visits are often necessary and are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Guy Performing

Sunday, February 22: Hambone's with Morgan Erina DETAILS
Tuesday, March 10: Pittsburgh Winery with Tattletale Saints and Ali Sperry TICKETS

**Every Third Tuesday from 8-11pm at Tender Bar**

Along with writing his own compositions, Russo works as a freelance arranger and consultant for local independent artists. For more information on his services, please call or email.